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Whitewood Events is an Athens-based company focused on helping clients with the design, planning, and production of their wedding and other special events. Our goal is to make sure that each special occasion runs smoothly and to help each client enjoy the process from start to finish, all while utilizing and working alongside local vendors.

We believe our clients share a similar aesthetic and appreciation for a classic yet current, timeless, and tasteful wedding day that honors their commitment and their guests. Our clients agree with our belief that, at the end of the day, genuine love and kindness are the most important part of interacting with others. Because planning such an important day is a unique experience for each couple, it is of utmost importance to us that we are a good fit with our clients - this relationship is not to be taken lightly and not to be confused with any other.

If our work appeals to you, and you can appreciate a well-orchestrated, tastefully authentic, personalized event, then we want to be your planner and designer!


"Whitewood Events was born out of a need to create, help others, and always collaborate. I've always enjoyed all aspects of working to create something beautiful, and doing this for couples who are celebrating a milestone event in their lives has been a dream come true. 

My background started in creating outdoor event spaces, working with local vendors in all categories, and my love for talking with hosts and guiding them throughout the process. In the years since I started this little company, we've grown our team and our skillset, as well as our enjoyment for what we do!  I won't lie and say it's all sunshine and rainbows - we get sweaty, work late hours and weekends, and we are always educating ourselves on how to become better and better. Would I change anything about it? Not a thing. To see all of the details fall into place, and the look on the faces of our clients and their enjoyment of that special day...nothing replaces that feeling!

Things I love: Sitting and visiting on any porch with coffee or champagne (depends on the time of day, of course), travelling to anywhere new, and pretty much any pants jumpsuit that I come across.'

-Whitney Downs | Owner. Lead Planner. Designer.


“Planning all parts of a wedding excites me! I believe that each one is just as important as the next. Every personalized piece should be molded together in order to give the bride and groom a wedding that they will never forget. Therefore, it is my desire to help brides plan a timeless wedding that showcases the breathtaking love between her and her groom and making this a stress free time! One thing to know about me: I am an organized planner through and through! For just about my whole life it seems, whether it was anniversary parties or church baby showers, I’ve had a detailed checklist for everything.  These experiences are where my passion for wedding planning began. My specialties in planning are organizing flawless time lines and focusing on details while still keeping the big picture in focus. Above all, what I enjoy the most is getting to know my clients and giving them the wedding of their dreams!

Things I Love: Gardening (favorite flower is a tulip), mountain hiking, and adding to my never-ending nail polish collection….somehow I manage to buy almost the same color every time!"

- Caitlin Dye | Associate Planner. Design Assistant.


Wedding and event planning, for me, has always been a way to use the right and left sides of my brain simultaneously; I love the creativity and expression of designing an event and giving guests a total experience. But I equally love the nitty gritty logistical details like timelines, and overthinking every plan to make sure it is ready to execute perfectly.

I have wanted to work with Whitney since we met (undisclosed) years ago. Something we bonded over instantly was our mutual desire to cultivate meaningful relationships with our clients, ending up as friends long before the wedding date arrived, and well after it had passed. Being able to work with Whitewood Events means, for me, that I am able to devote all the time needed to ensure every event exceeds expectations, that am able to create forward-thinking but timeless designs, and that the honor of creating these events is due to the kindness and trust of our amazing clients.

Things I Love:: Clean sheets, fresh coffee, any and every dog ever, high tide.

-Ashley Stalvey | Lead Planner. Designer.


"My wedding day was the best day of my life. It is the one day that you are surrounded by all of your friends and family, and everyone is happy. It is also a day that can reflect your relationship's personal style. As a wedding planner, I want all of my brides to have that same joyful experience on their wedding day and be able to express their style through the decor, music, food, and details. I have always been in the creative field in interior design and painting, which comes in handy while helping clients navigate the design process of their perfect day."

-Caty Ann Delaigle | Lead Planner. Designer. Portrait Artist.




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