It's hard to describe the essence of living in Athens in a sentence-let alone, what it is like to fall in love here. 

Seasons' hence to romance at every corner, and for a wedding, we prefer a Warm Winter, when an Urban Ophelia comes alive, with all of the hints of what she loves. It's in the details. Heavy intoxication of the finer things, deep tones of amber, the timeless and sturdy beauty of Marble and granite, and touches of blush that pay Winter the respect it deserves.  The cold days never last long enough, nodding to warmer times.  

The seduction of a Winter wedding is inevitable. Intensified berries, and luscious golden tones accentuate the depth at the heart of every winter bride. The secret is an urban art gallery feel, captured from a past summer abroad in Europe, studying sculpture, paying respect to the art,  and reveling in the sturdy magnitude of marble and granite, a warm winter fantasy. 

Our winter green is deep and intentional; evergreen. The richest and most decadent of hues. Bold against the season's stark white, and enhanced by related amber and slate-gray dinner celebration wear, savoring every moment with guests. 

Rich wine, berries, and cool tones on the Urban Ophelia's make-up, accentuate an innocent need for warmth in a long sleeve dress, but not missing any opportunity to indulge at being adored in tulle; sassy and playful, the bigger the skirt, the more reason to be admired. 

A winter bride longs to celebrate in the warmth of an Anthro Interior. After all, she could never be caged into one genre. She is inspired by the city and revived by nature. 

She is brought to life by golds, intensified by hues of luscious candle light, hints of gold, and a tribute to natural beauty in it's rawest form with her bouquet - the simplistic and effortless beauty of artichokes, rich berries, and extreme greens to pop against winter's coldest day. 

Urban Ophelia's Warm Winter Wedding is a tribute to winter's chilliest moment, and the depth of the warmest holiday feeling, a true celebration of romance. In the natural beauty of an artist's homestead, a genuine creation of nature's greatest talent; being seasonal, not overdone, and personal. Similar to a romance and love lived in Athens, Georgia. 

Written by - Joanna Webb :: Author//Hair stylist//Athenian

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Talented vendor nods:

Venue // Stan Mullins Art Studio //

Rentals // Barron’s Rental //

Rentals // Lost and Found Atlanta //

Model // Karen Powell //

Bridal Gown // Colleen Quinn //

Photography // Alyssa Alig Photography //

Hair // Joanna Webb with Pageboy Salon //

Make Up // Dina LaFera 

Cake // Ashley King with Classic City Confections //

Florals // Ashlie Johnson with Bud & Bloom //

Stationary // Olive Hebert with Dearest Olive //

Jewelry // Jessie Jordan //

Copper and glass name coasters // Copper & Torch //