Erica here, you guys! For this week's Friday Intro, you guys are getting to know a little bit more about Whitney, the owner, planner, designer, and all-around girl boss, here at Whitewood. Today is an extra special day for her because it marks the Two Year Anniversary of when she started Whitewood-- how awesome is that?! Now, without any further adieu...  

1) What is your current Netflix obsession?

Since I don't ever have full control over my Netflix, you'll find that the suggested shows are along the lines of "Sofia the First" and "The Wiggles". Hulu in the fall, however, is my jam! I like to keep up with the girl boss, Olivia on Scandal, and Grey's Anatomy, and for some reason I'm addicted to Chicago PD? Anyway, I don't have much time for TV, but when I do I binge, and my husband doesn't even know what our sofa feels like at those times. Ha!

2) What's your go-to throwback jam?

I listen to two Pandora radio stations for the most part....Dixie Chicks Radio (Yes, you guys. They are still awesome.) and Hip Hop Radio. Hip Hop radio makes me feel old sometimes, but I don't ever feel bad when I know all the lyrics to DMX's Party Up (Up in Here). It's certainly not something people expect, but then I even it out with some Deanna Carter and Shania I consider myself pretty well rounded....right?

3) Where is your favorite spot in Athens? Why is it your favorite?

Being from Athens and having seen many parts and watched it grow and change, this is a hard one! My husband and I like to frequent locally owned restaurants, so there is no way I can pick a favorite there. However, there are a few places that are special to me. On my husband and I's first date, we went to Cali N Tito's (the first one, who's with me?) for my first Cuban sandwich experience, followed by Frosty Joe's at Jittery Joe's, and then a walk around Lake Herrick at sunset. Many people are drawn to the beauty of North Campus or the quaint familiarity of Normaltown, but I say Athens is what you make it. There are so many special 'spots' to discover!

4) If you could meet anyone, living or passed, who would you meet?

I'll go ahead and say Britney Spears, just to hug her neck and tell her I stuck with her through the bald times. 

5) When you have free time (LOL), what do you like to do?

Ha! I strive on being busy, and I am really good at overloading myself. However, during the slow times, I like to sit and visit with my closest girl friends. There's nothing quite like your 'squad' that makes you feel re-energized, connected, less crazy, and all around loved. 

6) What is your favorite part of a wedding, and why?

When it comes to planning and executing weddings, I'd have to say that there are two favorites. One of the reasons I love this job is because I get to help and be a part of one of the most important days in a couple's lives. The point when the bride reaches the altar to exchange vows is a magical moment. That is what it's all about. On a personal level, I truly love getting to know my clients and, in many cases, maintaining that friendship even after all 'I Do's' are said and done. I love my clients!

For Whitney's full bio, check out our About page!